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10 Ways to Engage Newsletter Readers
Look at your newsletter, and count up the ways your readers can interact with you. And, don't count your unsubscribe link. Instead, look for any way that you can get readers to get involved with the newsletter, your products or your company. If you found only one, or even none, then check out these strategies below for ideas on how to add more ways for your readers to interact with your emails.
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Social Traffic: Useless Gossip or Powerful Word of Mouth?
The question before us today is what exactly is social media, and how do we define the difference between different social media technologies, like blogs, forums, online news sites, and social networking and bookmarking sites? In this article, I'll attempt to answer that question—and using real data, I'll try to analyze and explain how different forms of social media have different outcomes on visitor engagement.
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Making Link Bait & Viral Marketing Work - Part 3
In part one of the series we looked at the importance of a good headline. In part two, we explored the need to make your campaign easy to spread. Today, I'll be helping you understand how to find and exploit motivating factors in order to get more people interested in your product or service. Read on >>

Redirection...What's it All About?
In the web world, 'redirection' is a double-edged sword. While it can be great for purposes of easier user navigation, it can wreak havoc when it comes to web analytics. In this article, we'll talk about the different ways that redirection can be used and which of the methods best lend themselves to analytics. Read on >>

Universal Search: Good or Bad?
There was quite a buzz in the SEO community a few months ago when Google announced Universal Search. The buzz has now subsided to a low drone as people adjust to the new world order. With a few months of data logged, we thought this would be a good time to take a look at how this has really affected SEO efforts. Web analytics was made for events just like this. Learn more >>

How to Win Links and Influence People - Part 3
With the number of blogs growing faster than the population of India, (no kidding, it really is - at double the rate in fact!) it's becoming absolutely essential that even the smallest businesses put together a plan of action for both tracking and responding to any comments that their customers might be making about them online. Learn how >>

Making Link Bait and Viral Marking Work - Part 2
In part one of the series I looked at the importance of a good headline. Today, I'll be talking about the need to make your campaign easy to spread. While the benefit of both viral and link baiting campaigns is that they tend to take off and spread on their own, it's still essential to make sure that you've put plans in place to help things spread. Read on >>

Is Your Site's Code Bringing Down Your ROI?
It's a well known fact that good site design is crucial to site performance. What's not as easily understood, however, is exactly what constitutes 'good site design.' There are things you can do to help provide your site with the solid foundation it needs. In this article, I'm going to highlight some basic tips that you can implement that will enhance your overall site performance, lower your costs, and increase ROI. Learn more >>

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