ClickTracks Pro Helps You Spend Smarter

ClickTracks Professional features robust analytics, ROI tracking, revenue conversion, and marketing campaign performance, all merged into a professional, multi-user web analytics package.

Key Performance Indicators in a Timeline

KPI Performance Indicators in a Timeline
Did that tweak to your landing page really make a difference in revenue? How did the last change you made to your site affect conversion rates and the average cost per lead? ClickTracks measures key performance indicators, or KPIs, by displaying each performance indicator in a timeline for over a dozen metrics combined with your custom label or group segment. KPI creation is instant (requires no programming) and the KPI view is as dynamic as the type of visitor behavior you need to measure.

Click Fraud Report

Click Fraud ReportClickTracks Pro's Click Fraud Report shows you pay-per-click campaigns with statistically significant variances from other campaigns—whether they're the result of actual click fraud, or just poorly-performing ads that are eating up your budget. The Click Fraud report can go back in time to show where refunds may already be due, and doesn't require any additional setup or configuration. You can also generate a report suitable for submission to your PPC provider with just one click.

Funnel Report

Funnel ReportReady for this? Other analytics vendors have been doing it wrong since the beginning. There isn't a rigid path from campaign to goal! ClickTracks shows you behavior of groups of visitors in your conversion funnel to see which pages are most effective at turning browsers into buyers. See funnel stages, exit and abandonment areas and additionally, which pages and sections are most influential to conversion. And you can create and compare multiple funnel scenarios.

Search Engine Report Maps Keywords Against Cost and Revenue

ROI by keyword

ClickTracks Pro also features an incredibly powerful. Search report that allows marketers to map search engine keywords against their cost and revenue generated. Marketers can actually see the cost and revenue generated by a particular keyword/search engine combination. This analysis permits easy comparison against all results, whether they be pay per click (PPC) or natural search.

Custom ROI Analysis — Easily Track Sales

Custom ROI Analysis -Easily Track SalesCustom shopping cart? Lead generation campaign? Sales, revenue, costs and conversion are available at a glance. ClickTracks Pro makes easy work of sales and revenue tracking — each transaction is captured, and the dollar amount of the transaction can be traced back to the originating campaign or search engine keyword.

Understand Visitor Behavior

Have it Your Way
Play 60 second 'Visitor Labeling' movie

Easily and immediately understand how visitors interact with your web site. Through a simple mechanism known as 'visitor labeling,' you can color-code visitor from a PPC campaign; visitors who found your site through a certain keyword; visitors who spent a very long or very short time on your site; and more. The software's flexible nature means that
you can select and label visitors who
meet criteria important to you.

Visual Interface

See Visitor Behavior

See where visitors go, how long they stay and from which page they exit. ClickTracks Pro displays visitor data in context with your web site. Because the data is actually superimposed on your web site, you can easily see and understand visitor behavior. No more pesky pie charts or confusing rows of numbers and percentages.

Time Splits

Time Splits
Use ClickTracks' browser overlay technology to see visitor behavior on two different versions of your web site-on one screen. ClickTracks can archive your site and then bring it back for future analysis.
It's perfect for determining the result of site changes, upgrades, or proving to clients and managers that a suggested change has had the desired outcome. Time splits are enabled by the Site Archiver, a technology unique to ClickTracks Pro that captures your web site as it exists at a given point in time, and stores it for future analysis. The site archiver can be manually launched or scheduled, and ClickTracks' compression technology reduces archived files to 1/10 of the size of the original site.

A/B Splits

A/B SplitsMuch like Time Splits, ClickTracks' A/B split functionality lets you visually compare different versions of your web site, simultaneously. The wizard interface makes it easy to set up and monitor which page or page element has the desired effect on your site visitors.

Campaign Manager with Revenue Focus

Simply Import Google and Overture pricing
Play 60 second 'Campaign Import' movie

Analyze and compare data from PPC or other campaigns on one screen. Directly import Google or Overture campaign data, or set up custom data from
e-mail marketing, search engine, affiliate, partnership and other PPC or lead-generating campaigns. ClickTracks Pro instantly shows you marketing effectiveness in one single view and supports
both PPC and total cost campaigns.

Large Sites, Many Users

Large Sites, Many UsersClickTracks Pro eliminates the need to manipulate log files from multiple load-balanced servers or multiple domain web sites. It maintains the relationship between the servers and domains to accurately reflect site hierarchy. What does all of this mean for you, the marketer? You get to focus on the analysis without worrying about the server stuff. ClickTracks Pro automatically processes and crunches data so it's ready when you are. Support for multiple servers, load-balanced servers and multiple simultaneous users.

Keyword Ranking

See the search engine ranking position for each keyword that brought visitor traffic to the site. You can then compare the performance of those keywords in terms of number of visitors, time on site, cost, revenue and return on ad spend. The report shows keyword search ranking for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Robot Simulation Mode

Robot Simulation ModeThe Browser View of the Navigation Report can be switched into Robot Simulation Mode, where each page is displayed just as the search engine robots see it, alongside the human-eye view. The selected keywords will be highlighted in the Browser view, so you can see where they show up in your text and how that relates to your ranking.

Browser-based Reporting

Now ClickTracks offers pre-analyzed data in an instant report that can be accessed from anywhere. Your entire team (or your clients) can access ClickTracks reports without using a client viewer. Change the date ranges and see instant results. And our smart permission controls allow users access to only the reports you want them to have.

Instant Reports, Custom Analysis

ClickTracks now offers the speed of pre-configured reports to compliment its ad-hoc analysis. You can use the ClickTracks application in "browser mode", viewing
pre-analyzed "Instant Reports", or shift into "Custom Analysis" at the click of a
button, to begin your own in-depth exploration.

Page-level Keywords

If you are a serious search engine optimizer, you want to know which keywords lead to your site. But ClickTracks 6 shows you which keywords lead to each page of your site. Use ClickTracks Navigation Report to browse from page to page and ClickTracks will report all the keywords that lead to each page as well as the visitor count by segment. With just one tab click you'll know whether your optimization efforts had the desired effect.

Thumbnails and Page Titles

Thumbnails and Page TitlesMouse over the URL (or page title, if you prefer) to see a pint-sized version of the page before your eyes-without having to leave your report. No more deciphering of URLs and parameters.

Improvements to Labeling System

ClickTracks labeling system already provides the best visitor segmentation in the market. And now it's even better. With more flexible Boolean logic and the ability to make multiple selections in a single label, we've increased the power of this already powerful tool by an order of magnitude. Yet at the same time we've actually made the user interface more simple and intuitive than before-no small feat.

Internal Search Analysis

ClickTracks' ability to count cookie and parameter values makes it great for seeing what people are searching for when using your site's own internal search mechanism. It's also great for determining which product is most popular or which affiliate is truly performing-- all by accessing information you're already collecting.

Scheduled Emailing of Reports

Scheduled EmailNeed to send weekly reports to the boss? Want ClickTracks to send them to you? Set up which reports you want mailed, how often, to whom and when, and ClickTracks makes it happen.

Robot Report

Robot Report

Play 60 second 'Robot Report' movie

When is the last time the Googlebot paid your site a visit? How many times did a particular bot crawl your site within a specific time period? Gain insights into Robot and Spider behavior with ClickTracks Pro's Robot Report.

Data Dissection Report

Data Dissection ReportWhen you need to know the relationship of one statistic to another, ask the Data Dissection report. The Data Dissection report lays out cross-tab performance statistics for a variety of visitor types and behaviors and variables. Create your own custom combinations, sort, compare, and export
as you see fit.

Web Analytics Data Where You Need It

Soap InterfaceNeed to pull your web analytics data into another program? ClickTracks Pro, Agency and JDC editions provide a SOAP interface where aggregate ClickTracks data is made available for export to the application of your choice.